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Economical Electronic & Product Assembly

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Leave nothing to chance when it comes to the integrity of the electronic components inside your products. Find a reliable organization through Tech Marketing Inc. in Glenview, Illinois, a company that will provide an assortment of product assembly customized to your needs.

Assembly Services at Work for You

A variety of industries including those in the medical field, companies working with computer hardware, building controls, security, and telecommunications utilize the services listed below. Be sure to speak to a representative about your project or product. We are standing by to help you choose from an assortment of assembly services, including:

• Cable Design
• Custom Overmolding
• Power Adapters
• Printed Circuit Board Assembly
• Wire & Cable Extrusion & Assemblies

Carefully Assembling Your Electronics
Implement the most cost-effective solutions in electronic assembly for even your most sensitive systems. Through our network, you'll find a reliable company to provide:

• Component Sourcing
• Bill of Material Development
• Automated Optical Inspection
• Chip-on Flex Assembly
• Printed Circuit Board Design
• In-Circuit/Functional/Burn-In Testing
• Contract Manufacturing
• Reverse Logistics
  (Warranty Repair & Return)

Contact us today to experience the highest level of service and satisfaction when you turn to us for electronic and product assembly.